Lauren Flaherty, M.S.

Lauren Flaherty, M.A.

Doctoral Student Therapist


Lauren Flaherty, M.A., is a third year doctoral student at the University of Louisville studying Clinical Psychology with aims to specialize in Clinical Neuropsychology. She is currently studying in Dr. Benjamin Mast’s lab in Neuropsychology and Aging. She attained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the University of Louisville, and she attained a Master’s of Arts Degree in Bioethics in Medical Humanities in the philosophy department at the University of Louisville. After earning her doctorate, she plans to do a clinical post-doctoral fellowship in neuropsychology. Her clinical interests are in cognitive and neurological disorders. Additionally, she enjoys working and learning about a wide range of psychological issues. At the Louisville Center for Eating Disorders, she is supervised by Dr. Broderick Sawyer.

To date, her research and manuscripts revolves around linguistics analysis, stigma, and neurological disorders. Functional Movement Disorder and Neurocognitive Disorders have been her main clinical research population of interest. Her studies of stigma as it relates to any form of mental illness are incorporated into her clinical work. She hopes to establish a mechanistic model of internal stigmatization and public stigmatization in populations that are living with dementia and other progressive neurological disorders.

She hopes to learn more about a wide range of patients, incorporating a person-centered, emperically-based, and culturally adapted method of treatment across a generalized patient base as part of her training.

She is a wife and a mother of three small children; a six-year-old, a three-year-old, and a 5 month old baby. She enjoys doing volunteer work through her church, participating in the local Greek culture and festivities, spending as much time with girlfriends as possible, playing piano, cooking, playing tennis, and reading.


Professional Education

Ph.D. Student, University of Louisville Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.

Masters of Science, University of Louisville Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.

Masters of Arts, University of Louisville Interdisciplinary Studies in Philosophy.

Bachelors of Arts, University of Louisville College of Arts and Sciences.  Psychology.


Publications and Presentations

  • Flaherty, L. (2016).  Empathetic Reasoning as an Evolution of Humankind.  Dialogue Journal of Phi Sigma Tau International Honor Society for Philosophy, 58(2-3), 113-121.                                                                       
  • Flaherty L. B., Wood T, Cheng A, Khan A.R., (2017). Preexisting psychological depression confers increased risk of adverse cardiovascular outcomes following cardiac surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery, 154, 1578-86.     
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