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Lauren Brooke Flaherty


University of Louisville

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Life Sciences Building 317

Mobile: 502-640-4697





2016-2021    PhD Student, University of Louisville Department of Psychological and Brain

                     Sciences.  Neuropsychology and Aging Lab.  Psychological Services Center Clinic.

                   Advisors: Benjamin Mast, PhD. and Bernadette Walter, PhD.


2018            Masters of Science, University of Louisville Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.  Clinical Psychology.

Advisor: Benjamin Mast, PhD.

2014-2016    Masters of Arts, University of Louisville Interdisciplinary Studies in Philosophy.  Bioethics and Medical Humanities.  

                     Advisor: Nancy Potter, PhD. 


2010          Bachelors of Arts, University of Louisville College of Arts and Sciences.  Psychology.

                     Advisor: Allison Sommers


GOALS        Post Doctoral Fellowship, Clinical Neuropsychology

                Board Certification, Clinical Neuropsychology and Geropsychology




2018-present  National Honours Society for Academic Professionals


2015-present  Golden Key International Honours Society, Graduate Scholars


2016              Student Spotlight, Geropsychology Newsletter


2016-2018     Doctoral Cohort Liason, Clinical Psychology cohort.

                      Communicates with the cohort about any difficulties or compliments and relays those       messages to the counsel to facilitate change. 


2015-2017     Grawemeyer Scholars Program, Graduate Assistant

                        Responsible for recruiting potential scholars, assisting with office management, setting up events in appreciation of the fine arts and politics for the Scholars to participate in, engaging with the community and emulating an example of what a Scholar is supposed to represent.                                                                                                             


2016-2018     Research Assistant, Neuropsychology and Aging Lab


2017-2018     Teaching Assistant, Undergraduate Psychology 201

                      Meeting with undergraduate students enrolled in class to go over exams, answer any questions regarding class content and expectations, as well as advise any students who wish to excel in the field of psychology.


2018              Teaching Assistant, Undergraduate Psychology 404

Assisting the professor in grading duties.


2014-2017     University Note-taker, Disability Resources Center


2016-2018     Doctoral Clinician, University of Louisville Psyschological Services Center

         Responsible for conducting intake interviews, assigning diagnoses, performing intellectual, personality, psychopathological, and cognitive assessments, and administering therapy sessions.




2016-2019      Louisville Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience


2015-2019    American Psychological Association  


2015-2019     Member of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities


2016-2019     Mindfulness Based Clinical Practice Organization 


2017-201     Political Action for Psychology




2019 Practicum Student Clinician, Behavioral Wellness Clinic, OCD.

Advisor: Dr. Russell Street


2019 Practicum Student Clinician, probable Nursing Home position

Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Meeks


2018-2019 Neurosurgery Observation, University of Louisville Hospital, Functional Neurosurgery.

Advisor: Dr. Joseph Neimat, Chairman of Neurosurgery.

Observing deep brain stimulation operations on patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, epilepsy, and movement disorders.  Learning the anatomy and neurophysiology behind these procedures.


2018-2019      Neuropsychology Doctoral Extern, University of Louisville Hospital Outpatient  Center.  

Conducting cognitive assessments of senior populations as well as those with cognitive        difficulties due to TBI, stroke, medical complications, etc. Conducting one 2-3 hour cognitive assessment a week.  Expected hours per year: 120

Advisor: Whitney Rebholz, PhD. & Elizabeth Cash, PhD.

2018 Integrated Reports (July 2019): 18


2016-2018      Doctoral Student Clinician, University of Louisville Psychological Services Center.
  Conducting structured assessments for cognitive, personality, and clinical diagnoses.     

                      Administering interventions to a variety of clients.  As a third year, I have almost 400 hours of direct contact and expect to accumulate 700+ by internship year.

                       Advisor: Bernadette Walter, PhD.


2017               Interviewer, Altenheim Highlands Community Ministries.  

                       Conducted interviews with dementia patients in a care center to formulate a case


                       Advisor: Benjamin Mast, PhD.


 2008-2013     Unit AdministratorJewish Hospital, Rudd Heart and Lung Critical Care Nursing Unit: Administration and Patient Care duties.  Transcribed medical labs and orders. Assigned patients.  Responsible for all communication between physicians, nurses, patients, and families.  Patient’s Diets. Enact unit policies. Create patients’ charts. Transfer patients to outside facilities.  Contact physicians and offices. Arrange for engineering to fix electronic or structural issues. Call the emergency codes and cooperate with met team emergency services.  Help nursing assistants when possible. Keep supplies on the floor for unit function.       

Advisor: Angie Freeman, R.N.          




Flaherty, L. (2016).  Empathetic Reasoning as an Evolution of Humankind.  Dialogue Journal of Phi Sigma Tau International Honor Society for Philosophy, 58(2-3), 113-121.                                                                       


Flaherty L.B., Wood T, Cheng A, Khan A.R., (2017). Preexisting psychological depression confers increased risk of adverse cardiovascular outcomes following cardiac surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery, 154, 1578-86.                                                                           


Mast, B., Flaherty, L.B., (2017).  Should Dad Be Driving? Ethical Challenges in Professional Geropsychology: Review of Ethical Practice in Geropsychology.  PsycCRITIQUES: American Psychological Association, 62(32), 1-3.               


Flaherty, L.B., Midden, A., Mast, B., (2018).  Psychometric Evaluation of the Symptoms of Dementia Screener in a Geriatric Primary Care Setting.  Clinical Gerontologist.                                       


Flaherty, L.B., Mast, B., (2019).  Clinician Word use in Dementia Evaluation Reports as a Function of Cognitive Impairment.  Clinical Gerontologist. Submitted.




2016                 First author abstract accepted for APA concerning dementia patients and assessment language.                 


2017             First author abstract Submission to APA concerning the Symptoms of Dementia Screener assessment evaluations, cut off scores, validity, and clinical utility.  


2015                 Poster Presenter at the CBHD 2015 Summer Conference on Science, Research, and The  Limits of Bioethics. Research regarding ethical issues in preserving autonomy and value sets within the population of dementia patients, issues with clinical trials and those with dementia.  A second longitudinal study of the preservation of agency correlation to rate of cognitive decline in dementia patients.                                                               


2016                 Poster Presentation at APA 2016 regarding Linguistic Inquiry Word Count analysis of clinical neuropsychological assessment reports.                                                                                                                                             


       2017               Poster Presentation at APA regarding the clinical utility of the Symptoms of Dementia Screener.        


2016               LGBTQ Interviewing, Interviewing Course

2016               Psychiatry Preceptorship, University of Louisville Hospital Psych Unit

                       Rounding and observing.

2016               Pharmacology Preceptorship, University of Louisville Hospital

                       Rounding and observing.

2016               Neurology Preceptorship, University of Louisville Hospital

                       Rounding and observing.

2016-2017      SAT scorer, Educational Testing Services.

                       Reading SAT essays and assigning scores.  Paid position.  

2015-2018      ALISON Certification, courses in Physiology, Cellular Biology, Anatomy, Psychopharmacology, Neuropsychology 

2014              CITI and HIPPA certified and trained   


2018 UofL Radio Segment, discussing dementia screening in primary care settings with Mark Hebert

2017-2018 Philoptochos Member, Assumption Greek Orthodox Church.

  Participating and donating in public causes.

2017               Psychology Grawemeyer Awards

2017              Music Grawemeyer Awards

2016-2017      Grawemeyer Award Banquet                                                                                                                

2016-2017      World Order Grawemeyer Award Talk     

2016              Kentucky Psychology Association Convention Participant                                                                                                  

2014-2016      Attender and Supporter, Alzheimer’s Support Group at Southeast Christian Church

2015              Muhammad Ali Grawemyer Spirit Awards, program assistant for the award giver.

2016              Online Instructor, University of Louisville.

                      Created a teaching module for medical students and nursing students about ethical and medical issues concerning those with Alzheimer’s Disease.

2015 Class Lecturer, Cultural Neuroscience regarding the physiology and biopsychosocial model of addiction in various cultures.

2015   Interviewer and Collaborator, Restorative Justice Movement Louisville

                      Resolving legal conflict by leading discussion between the victim and transgressor. 

2014 Compassion Games Participant, Compassion Louisville.

                       Participating in monthly compassion exercises.

2012-2018      Occasional Volunteer for Center For Women And Children

                       Washing dishes for the kitchen.

2014               Hunger Walk 5k Participant



Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale IV (WAIS-IV)

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children V (WISC-V)

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT)

Cognitive Continual Performance Test (CPT-3)

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory

Wide Range Achievement Test-3 Reading (WRAT-3) 

Western Aphasia Battery-Auditory Comprehension 

Dementia Rating Scale -2 (DRS-2) 

California Verbal Learning Test (CVLT)  

Clock Drawing (CLOX) 

WAIS-III Digit Symbol-Coding 

Visual Form Discrimination Test 

Trail Making Test – Part Aand B  

Category Fluency – Animal Naming 

Controlled Oral Word Association Test (COWA-FAS) 

Boston Naming Test (BNT) 

Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) 

Symptoms of Dementia Screener (SDS)

Outcome Questionnaire (OQ-45)

Beck Depression Inventory (BDI)

Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI)

Beck Scale for Suicidal Ideation (BSS)

Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI)

Children’s Depression Inventory-2 (CDI-2: Self Report)

Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children2- (MASC-2: Self Report)

Conners-Wells Adolescent Self-Report Scale- Short (CASS: Self-Report: Short Version)

CAARS-Self-Report: Long Version (CAARS-S:L) 

Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory—Third Edition (MCMI-III)

Clinical Interview

Intake Assessment


Assumption Greek Orthodox Church Choir






Philosophy Book Club


Dr. Benjamin Mast (doctoral mentor, co-author)

Full Professor

A&S Psychology

Life Science Bldg Rm 322-B

502-852-3280 (office)

Dr. Nancy Potter (Masters mentor)

Full Professor

A&S Philosophy

Bingham Humanities Room 313

502-852-0449 (office)

Dr. Charles Leonard (Grawemeyer graduate assistantship director)

Associate Professor

Grawemeyer Scholars Program Director


Father Jon Boukis

Priest of Greek Orthodox Church 


Angie Freeman

Previous Nurse Manager 

7&8 Heart and Lung

201 Abraham Flexner Way

502-587-2580 (Unit telephone number)