Intensive Outpatient


We offer an individualized program that includes psychological therapy, dietetics counseling, and psychiatric support. This program is ideal for individuals who need more than outpatient therapy or who are transitioning out of residential or partial hospital programs. 

We are the ONLY eating disorder center in the state of Kentucky that offers an intensive outpatient program.

While most intensive outpatient programs lump all individuals into groups, we provide a personalized program for each individual. We know that eating disorders never look exactly alike, which is why we think (and the evidence supports) that an individualized approach is best.

What will I do in the intensive outpatient program?

We will design a personalized program that will fit you best! However, all programs will include therapy, nutrition and medication counseling. Most likely you will have a program that consists of individual therapy, family therapy (for adolescents), meal support therapy, and skill building therapy (dialectical behavior therapy and exposure therapy).

Reach out if you have questions about what our program would look like for you!


We are more than happy to give recommendations on if an IOP program would be suitable. We provide free consultation calls with the Clinical Director.

We believe that everyone deserves great treatment