Dr. Street Russell is a licensed clinical Psychologist and Associate Director of the Behavioral Wellness Clinic. As a health service provider (HSP), he provides supervision to practicum students and clinical trainees. He works with children, families, and adults with OCD and other disorders. He completed his Psy.D. while attending Spalding University in 2016 and completed an internship at the Colmery-O’Neil VA Medical Center in Topeka, Kansas where he conducted psychological and neuropsychological assessments, and provided psychological treatment to veterans. He has also obtained experience in providing therapeutic services that treated individuals with cancers of the head and neck.

Some of his experience includes training at the Colmery-O’Neil VA Medical Center. During this time he worked extensively with veterans treating PTSD and various anxiety disorders; this included neuropsychological assessments, psychological assessments, and outpatient behavioral health. He developed skills using an acceptance-based approach to treatment for individuals and groups with various mental health disorders. Dr. Russell had also worked to co-facilitate a support group for transgender veterans who were at various stages of their respective transitions.

Dr. Russell is experienced in the treatment of OCD, social anxiety, phobias, trichotillomania, excoriation disorder, and various other conditions across all ages. Dr. Russell had previously lived in Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese. He has a family of six and has been a professional stand-up comedian since 2010.

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